Doing Life Together

Humans are not made to live in isolation. People are made to be together. We crave love. We need belonging. We desire connection. God is community. In Himself and with people. God desires fellowship with His creation and that includes you. The ultimate community is when we are connected to God and each other in a loving, supportive environment.

Humans are made to live in community. The Orchard is a safe, exciting place to find out about God, yourself and the world. We provide multiple opportunities for you to get involved in the life of our church where you can experience peace, hope, and joy as we do life together. Find out what you mean to God. Find out how you can serve others. Find your true community here.

Life Groups

Twice every year we focus on integrating our large church into many home groups called ‘Life Groups’. These groups meet all over our area from Temecula to Murrieta and beyond on many nights of the week. Each Life Group is designed to be a casual environment where people of all ages can be together to fellowship and learn. During this time we watch a segment of Pastor Jim’s message, discuss what we hear and try to apply it for the following week. We also take time to pray for one another and eat some good food! So be on the look out for our next Life Group near you!

Bible Studies

All year long the men, women, and youth ministries provide opportunities to learn and study God’s word. From studying books of the Bible to topic-oriented studies designed to inform people on a particular aspect of the Bible, the Orchard believes in knowing God’s word. Many of these classes happen on Wednesday night starting at 7 pm, so bring the whole family as we have age-appropriate ministries and fun for everyone!

Discipleship Groups and Mentoring

Jesus called believers to make disciples, which means a person who is taught to follow a certain way of life. Here at the Orchard, we believe that discipleship takes place on Sunday mornings in a large group setting where we all learn together as we hear God’s word, and in small group settings where the men, women, youth, and children meet throughout the week to find accountability to what they have been learning. We also have one-on-one mentoring for those who would like additional input and discipleship from other godly men and women.

Join Our Community

For more info about Orchard Christian Fellowship and how to get involved, drop us a line: