The Orchard is strong. This is the kind of church that will challenge you. To be better at loving God and others around you. You will find depth of truth here—one that feeds your soul and encourages your spiritual walk. God calls you to be a man, the man God formed to follow Him and treasure Him above all else. Be a man, God’s man.

The Orchard is your kind of church. There is a reason most men dislike going to church—because they don’t see the value in it and they don’t connect with other men. Want to change that? Well, you came to the right place. From get-togethers to BBQs, golf, camping, movies, racing and probably something to do with firearms, we want you to find some guys to hang out with and make solid friendships. We will also be having recurring Bible studies as we do life together to find out what God has for us as men.

Michael Ching
Michael ChingMen's Ministry Lead
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