We are a giving church.

We are a church that gives of our time, talent, and treasure
because we believe this church is important to Jesus and vital to His desire to reach this area.

The first church back in Jesus’ day had all things in common. The word ‘common’ comes from the Greek word koinos and is the base of the words ‘commune/community/communion’ (Acts 2:42). 

Their property was not owned by all, but they viewed it to be used for the benefit of all.

Believers are overseers of God’s property, not owners.

A Christian’s attitude is not ‘What is required?’ but rather ‘Whatever is required!’

As everyone sacrifices, everyone is served. Believers should not just live near each other, they should live for each other! A believer’s giving to the church should be regular, joyful, and sacrificial.


In reality, wherever a person’s money is spent is where their values are and where their heart is (Luke 12:34). Everything belongs to God before we get it and will belong to Him after we leave it. It is up to the person in how they want to invest that possession for now and eternity.

Ways to give

SUNDAYS — You can give Sunday mornings in the offering by cash or check or for ease of tracking your giving, through the Giving Kiosks located on the patio which accept debit or credit cards.

ONLINE — You can give below through Paypal, or by using your debit, credit card, or checking account.

MAIL — You can mail a personal or cashier’s check to:

Orchard Christian Fellowship
42101 Moraga Rd.
Temecula, CA 92591


All giving is 100% tax-deductible.

Online Giving

Use the PayPal buttons here to make an offering or to contribute to the Orchard’s building project.