The ultimate connection is with God. Without God we are lost. Without God we fear the future, death and hell. Without God our consciences are never at rest. Without God our souls constantly feel disjointed and dissatisfied. That is because we are broken and in need of healing. That is because we are fighting God and have no lasting peace. That is because our sin has separated us from a connection we know we should have with our Maker.

Enter Jesus into our reality. Jesus is God’s answer to sin, judgment, hell, heaven, conscience and brokenness. Through Jesus, God forgives, repairs, cleans, heals and blesses. Through Jesus we can have the relationship with our Creator we know we are built for. Jesus has provided forgiveness through His death on the cross for those who turn to Him and accept His act of love for them.

We Love Jesus. All the time. Everyday. All day. We bathe in the goodness of God through Jesus. Jesus has made us new and Jesus has set us free. Jesus has made a connection with us and through Him we have found life.

We love our community. If you have questions about Jesus or how God changes lives, contact us through email or social media. Our joy is to bring His light and life into the world and to share it with all who are interested!

Jesus in action. Want to see how Jesus has changed people’s lives, maybe even some people you know? Watch this.

Jesus In Action