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A Life of Meaning
Ecclesiastes 1


The wisest man found all the world has to offer as MEANINGLESS

King Solomon was blessed by God and had no limit of wisdom, power, or money. He experienced more in life than we could ever dream of and found all the world has to offer as valueless.


Lasting meaning and contentment cannot be found through WORK

Many of us have been conditioned to find our value and purpose in our jobs. This conditioning has been established by the corporate ladders we are encouraged to climb, deadlines that must be met, and the prospect of rewards for working harder and longer, which include opportunities to pursue entertainment and possessions. While being able to work is a good thing, trying to find our meaning in work, or contentment in the entertainment and possessions it brings, only leaves disappointment. Money goes faster than it comes, we can’t hold our work positions forever, no amount of entertainment brings satisfaction, and all our possessions become outdated and corrode.


Lasting peace cannot be found in the cycles of the WORLD

Each generation believes they are the group of people who will fix the problems of the world. Every political party believes their point of view is infallible and capable of solving the problems in the world. New world leaders make false promises of bettering the lives of everyone they are over. This is a repetitive cycle that only proves peace will not come from the regularly changing cycles of people and world powers.


Lasting joy cannot be found in RELATIONSHIPS

The media sets up unrealistic expectations for us of what relationships should look like. Almost all relationships begin with infatuation that only allows the couple to see positive aspects of the relationship. This relational bliss quickly fades with time when couples experience reality. Relationships do not naturally bring happiness and joy as they are often portrayed and they take a lot of work and willingness from two imperfect people to succeed. All relationships go through times of dissatisfaction.


Lasting meaning, contentment, peace, and joy, are found in JESUS

The only person capable of bringing meaning to our lives is Jesus. He is the God who created us with the specific purpose of living for and worshipping Him. When we accept, follow, and live for Jesus as our Lord and Savior, He brings meaning to our work, contentment even without possessions, peace in the unpredictable cycles of the world, joy in imperfect relationships, and direction that guides us into living lives filled with purpose, value, and meaning.

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