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Celebrate Recovery! Pt. 5—Developing Healthy Relationships
Ephesians 4:25-32


RECOGNIZE your relationships

Everyone is born with an innate desire to have things their way—especially in the area of relationships. Paul tells the Ephesians, most of whom came out of pagan backgrounds that encouraged deceit, to get rid of all falsehood (Gr. pseudos, ‘to be false/lying’) and focus on being truthful and having integrity. This means not using people or the situation for your benefit at the expense of the truth. As God is truth, so His children must be people of truth (John 17:17). One of the sinful ways humans view relationships is the need to control. Relationship control is seen through anger outbursts, fear, emotional manipulation, passive-aggressive behaviors, bribery, or withholding good or loving interactions. Your relationships should reflect the glory of God’s goodness, not the glory of your greed (Col. 3:2)!


REPAIR your relationships

God designed humanity to forgive and be forgiven. By God’s mercy He allows people to repair dysfunctional relationships and clear their conscience through forgiveness. Believers are not to allow issues to go unresolved, even overnight, so the devil can create resentment, bitterness, and hatred. Believers get to choose what rules their heart—anger of self or peace of Christ (Col. 3:15). Forgiveness must be given as many times as it is legitimately, repentedly asked for. As believers have been forgiven an infinite amount by God, they are to be able to forgive a finite amount with men (Matt. 6:14, 15; 18:21, 22, 35). You will know you are repairing relationships when you can think of the person without malice and pray for their blessing (Matt. 5:44). Seek out those you have hurt and humbly make amends as you can (Luke 19:8).


REINFORCE your relationships

Believers are to use their relational energy to reinforce rather than ravage their relationships (1 Thess. 5:11). Christian relationships are not based on what can be gotten, but given. The trinity of Christian healthy relationships—“Thank you”, “Forgive me”, “I love/appreciate you”. Believers are to deal a new way from a new heart to have new relationships. New actions=new results! Christians give without expectation knowing God gives His grace!᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆᠆

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