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The tomb is EMPTY of bodies

After Joseph and Nicodemus had taken Jesus down from the cross they washed His bloody body, wrapped Him in linen, put fragrant oils and spices on Him and laid Him in the tomb. Upon seeing Jesus so savagely beaten, crucified and stabbed with a spear, they rolled the stone in front of the tomb never expecting to see Jesus physically alive again—and neither did anyone else. Because Jesus was buried on Friday at sundown before the Jewish Sabbath (Saturday), no Jews were allowed to do work or deal with dead bodies until sunup on Sunday. From Friday until Sunday morning Jesus laid in the tomb until He miraculously ‘re-lifed’ Himself in a resurrected body (John 10:14-18). On Sunday morning, as Peter and John run to find the stone rolled away with the official seal broken and no guards, they marvel that the tomb is empty (Matt. 27:62-66).


The tomb is FULL of bodies

Once Peter went inside and saw the burial wrappings which had been neatly folded up, he and John return home. Mary Magdalene, who had come to the tomb earlier to add oils and spices to the embalming, returned and stood outside crying because she has not gotten to pay her last respects to her Friend and Teacher. As Mary stoops to look inside again, two angels appear on the slab where Jesus laid, asking why she is crying. Thinking someone had moved Jesus’ body, she hears a voice behind her and assumed it was the gardener. Jesus then calls her by name and her life is changed. Jesus specializes in transforming lives (2 Cor. 5:17)!


The room is FULL of hope

Later on Sunday evening when they had gathered together to discuss their situation at dinner, Jesus appears physically in the locked room. His first word to them is ‘Peace’. Only God provides security in chaos through his perfect peace (John 14:27). After seeing, touching, and eating with Him, they had confidence which produced joy that their faith in Him was not in vain (Luke 24:38-43). Hope in Jesus would transform these eleven faithless Jewish men into bold proclaimers of life in Christ, giving hope to billions around the world. Life without hope isn’t living. Life with hope in Christ is eternal life (John 3:36). His resurrection guarantees it!

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