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Christmas in Temecula, pt. 4—Mary’s Peace
Luke 1:26-49; 2:1-7


Mary wanted peace in her LIFE

Mary grew up in a poor home in a rural area of Israel in a small town called Nazareth. As a young teenager, Mary probably had dreams of marrying a godly Jewish man, starting a family and running a home. Eventually, she met Joseph and they entered into a time of ‘betrothal’ (usually around a year) where they were legally married but not living together or sexually active. This time would be used for Joseph to build a home and for Mary to prepare to be a wife, mother, and house-manager. The angel Gabriel was sent from God to inform Mary that she had found ‘favor’ and that He was going to employ her to bring His Son into the world (Is. 7:14). Sometimes God’s favor brings unrest to our peaceful plans!


Mary had peace in her HEART

Gabriel’s startling, supernatural appearance may have been needed to remove all doubt about the reality of the startling, supernatural message—she, as a virgin, would have a boy! Because no women become pregnant without assistance from a man, the idea of a virginal pregnancy was impossible for anyone to imagine, even Mary. To a Jewish teenage virgin with a heart to please God, the idea of pregnancy before her marriage ceremony was a nightmare—even one where she kept her virginity! Once she is told of the difficult situation, she declares herself a willing ‘slave (bondservant) of the Lord’. For Mary, God controlled her body, heart and mind. Even as a teenager, she was ready to give God anything that was required. God can bring peace inside when there is circumstantial chaos outside!


Mary had peace in relational DRAMA

While still living in her father’s house, Mary willingly took the stigma of a young woman who lacked self-control—to be scoffed at, gossiped about, bullied and marginalized. God saw the strength of Mary’s faith and knew He could trust her to be involved in the greatest movement in history—salvation to the world through Jesus (Matt. 1:21). Mary was paradoxically the creation that would bring forth the Creator! Though not immaculate herself—even she needed ‘God my Savior’ (vs. 47)—she submissively trusted God knowing that peace comes from Him (Ps. 29:11; Phil. 4:7). The supernatural peace of God sustains the believer in all relational drama!

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