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Moses gets his helper BACK

After miraculously leaving Egypt and travelling for a month and a half, the nation of Israel stops at Rephidim. While camping there, the Israelites were attacked by a local clan leader, Amalek, who went after the weak and tired at the back of the settlement. In this first war, Moses helped the army to victory by holding the staff of God up in his hands, but grew tired, so Aaron and Hur held his hands up (Ex. 17:12). While at Rephidim, Moses’ father-in-law, Reuel/Jethro, brought Moses’ wife and sons back to him after he sent them home on his way to Egypt nearly six months earlier (Ex. 4:25, 26). Fathers should be their son-in-law’s greatest fan, as their daughter by blood has become a wife by covenant. Though more powerful than him, Moses humbly honors Jethro by bowing down, kissing him, and inviting him to eat. God honors those who honor others (Lev. 19:32; Prov. 29:23). The last time they were together, Zipporah fought with Moses over his lack of leadership. Now, in meeting him again, she went from being a shepherd’s wife, to a prophet/pastor/national leader’s wife. But regardless of the husband’s job, wives will either be their husband’s greatest help or hindrance. Nothing has more influence on a man than his wife—men set the direction of the home, but women set the distance (Ex. 34:16; Prov. 12:4; 14:1; 18:22; 21:9; 31:10; 1 Kings 11:1-4).


Moses gets his helpers going FORWRD

The report of the Israelite exodus had spread around the near East and when Jethro heard of it in Midian, he went to meet Moses. After being told about the miracles, Jethro rejoices. Godly people get excited about God’s work! Jethro notices that Moses is the only judge for over one million people. So, he counsels him to find men who follow God, are trustworthy, and have integrity, and depending on their ability, place them over certain amounts of people. Not everyone is gifted to lead and do it well, but everyone can follow and do it well! Leadership is not a right, but a gift (Rom. 12:8). Not even a Spirit-empowered, amazingly gifted, wise man of God can do God’s work long-term without help from others. Moses had assistants to help with guiding the nation, a wife to help with the home, and associates to help with the people. Great leadership finds great people to create a great future to glorify their great God!

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