Project Description

A. Here is what the Bible says about the will of God:
1. God desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. – 1 Tim 2:4 John 3:16
2. It is God’s will that you be sanctified (1 Thes 4:3)

B. “Sanctify”:
1. A process of becoming holy; Growing in Faith Philip. 1:6
2. Set apart, as special and precious
3. It’s all about character change.

C. How does that happen? 2 Peter 1:5-10
1. I do my part (put tea pot on the hot plate)
2. And God does His part. (plug the hot plate in)

D. Make every effort (What are you doing to facilitate your sanctification?)
– Reading the Bible daily
– Praying daily
– Join a Bible study or small group
– Attending church regularly
– Serving others

E. Supplement your faith…
1. Believing in God
2. Personally trusting God.
3. Acting on that trust.

F. … with virtue (moral excellence)
1. the goodness or badness of human action and character.
2. God wants to work on our defects of character.

G. … and virtue with knowledge
1. Knowing information about God (and other things)
2. Learning how my choices have affected me and others.
3. Student for life.

H. … and knowledge with self-control
1. This goes beyond controlling emotional eruptions
and angry outbursts.
2. This is also about healthy boundaries.
3. And it’s about making my own choices and being responsible for them.
4. And allowing others to do the same.
5. It says, “I am going to choose for myself what I will do; I will embrace the consequences of those choices;
I will allow others the same freedom.”

I. …and self-control with steadfastness
1. cheerful (or hopeful) endurance; patience

J. …and steadfastness with godliness
1. “God, help me to want what you want”
2. “God, help me to look like you”

K. … and godliness with brotherly affection: philadelphos
1. To be a friend to someone
2. To be fond of someone.
3. It’s a matter of sentiment or feeling.

L. …and brotherly affection with love: Agapao
1. Wider than brotherly affection.
2. It embraces a deliberate assent of the will.

M. These qualities keep you from being ineffective
or unfruitful.
1. Sanctification is not the goal.
2. Sanctification is a tool.
3. “Being fruitful” is the goal
4. “Being fruitful” is defined in how my life benefits others.
5. As my character becomes more godly,
I can do more work for God.

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